If you’re experiencing issues using an ICHB site due to a disability or impairment, please contact the ICHB Accessibility Team.

We’re committed to building a community enabled by people and supported by technology that’s open to the broadest audience possible.

We create opportunity for people of all abilities by making our platform more accessible. This includes those with special access needs such as the visually and hearing impaired, as well as those with limited dexterity and cognitive disabilities.


What we do to ensure accessibility

To ensure the broadest audience possible has access to our content, functions, and services, among other things we:

  • We use Google’s automatic translation system to be accessible to residents of all countries. Select your language in the widgets located in the menu or at the bottom of the screen on the left.
  • Provide descriptive link text and alternative text for images
  • Incorporate accessibility in our design and development process
  • Include users with disabilities during our testing process
  • Make content and functions available without the use of a mouse or pointing device
  • Follow color contrast guidelines to make things more legible and easier to read
  • We’re committed to providing a more accessible ICHB experience.
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