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Send us a request for a heavenly body with its own name or any other that interests you. You will receive information online.
Our specialists will be happy to provide you more information regarding any astronomical body from International Catalog of Heavenly Bodies.


Example: Sirius
Epoch J2000.0 Example: α06h45m08.90s δ-16°42'58.0"
Example: ICHB USA 10100 or ICHB 10100 or USA 10100



May 25, 2018 Patch

In compliance with the requirements of the EU General data protection regulation (GDPR), access to information in open reading mode is granted only to identified users, due to the fact that the data provided falls under legal protection.

To obtain registration information, you must identify yourself, then you will get the answer about the presence of the registration data.

Access is provided online, but if you make a mistake, the request will be sent to specialists in the archive Department, who will respond to your email within 7 days.

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